Riding tour

The horse riding tours are from the age 7 years and up. The oldest person, who has ridden at Berg Hestar is 75 years old. 

The weightlimit is 90 kg.

At the bottom of this page you are welcome to send a request for a ridingtour.

horse riding

1½ hours riding tour

- for beginners and experienced riders.

We ride from Berg Hestar stables in the outskirts of Torshavn to the valley Havnardalur. On the tour we have a great view over the the small capital.

The horse riding tour is estimated to be 1½ hour.



The price is:

600 DKK 

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2½ hours riding tour

- for lower intermediate riders and experienced riders.

The tour starts at Berg Hestar and the route is towards the mountains surrounding Tórshavn. We take you along excellent riding paths and along ancient mountain paths in the beautiful green countryside with birds and flowers.


The price is:

800 DKK for each person

day tour

Day tour

- for riders with experience.

On this tour the riders have a good oppertunity to try the various gaits of the Icelandic horse.

The ride route can vary - it depends on the weather: We ride either southward on the path to Kirkjubø overlooking Koltur, Hestur or Sandoy or we ride north to the village Norðadalur with views towards Eysturoy mountains to the north.

On the tour you will be served lunch and coffee or tea.
The tour starts at 10 a.m. and we are back at 4-5 p.m.


The price is:

1150,- for each person
Min. of 5 riders and max. 10

ride and dine

Ride & Dine

- for inexperienced and experienced riders.

We ride from Torshavn to Velbastaðar on Berg Hestars good and calm icelandic horses. We ride on splendid bridle paths from Berg Hestar over the mountains to Velbastað. The trip will end at the home of Anna and Óli. A moment for food culture, socialising, conversation and an enjoyable meal.

Anna and Óli Rubeksen are farmers with a flock of mothersheep living freely in the mountains. In addition to their lifestyle they also offer fine dining with home cooked faroese meals in their own home.

Read more about Ride & Dine here


The price is:

1.595,- DKK. per person 

Min. of 6-8 riders




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Riding experience: Participants:

Beginner: You have never ridden, or you have ridden a few times in the past.

Lower intermediate: You can hold the reins correctly, stop and steer correctly. Has ridden trot/canter/gallop several times without problems. "Rusty" adults and children who have ridden for several years at riding school often belong in this category.

Experienced: You have been riding for several years and have ridden all types of terrain. You have the balance to stand safely in the stirrups in canter and have control of half parades.

The choice of level is not final. We talk to all participants before the horses are distributed.
This is just to have an overall picture of levels.

Children from the age of 7 and up can participate. However, we draw attention to the fact that most suitable ridingtours for children are the 1½ hours ridingtour, the other tours can be too long for children.

When booking, please state the age and riding experience of the participants so that we can match horses and riders as optimally as possible.

For us, it is a matter of safety and a good experience for all participants. 


1½ hours ridingtour
2½ hours ridingtour
Ride & Dine
Lower intermediate