Ride & Dine

A great oppertunity to experience the faroese natur, icelandic horses in their right element and faroese inspirede gastronomy in one ridingtour.

We ride from Torshavn to Velbastað on our gentle and calm icelandic horses. We ride on ancient and newer ridingpaths. Close to birds, sheep and other wildlife. The tour ends with a culinary experience at Heimablídni on Velbastað. The farmers, Anna and Óli, invite you to a traditional faroese inspired dinner. 

Jacklin Durhuus and Leif Berg have for 20 years offered ridingtours on the icelandic horse, in the faroese nature. 

Anna og Óli are farmers and have approx. 150 sheep on the mountain Lambhaga nearby Velbastað. They invite you home for dinner, and emphasize using goods from their farm and  local goods.

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Award in 2016:

Ride & Dine recieved in 2016 an award from the the travelindustry for sustainibility in the travelindustry. The reason for the award is that horses are being used for transport and the food comes from the local area.