Leiga ein VW ID.3 1ST ella ein Toyota Landcruiser J20.

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Volkswagen ID.3 1ST

El bilur.

Bilurin hevur 5 setur.


Tíðarskeið:      Prísur per dag:
1 dag: 950,- við mvg íroknað el



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Toyota Landcruiser J20

Bilurin hevur 7 setur.


Prísur um dagin:  
1.800,- v. Mvg  


Terms and conditions
Unlimited mileage.
Speeding tickets, toll/tunnel fee, parking tickets and other expenses are to be paid by renter.
The renter has a self-liability of DKK 5.000,- if damage is self-inflicted.
Important notice: Only persons, whose names are written on this contract have permission to drive the car. If this is not followed, the insurance will not be valid. 
It is not allowed to smoke or to have pets in the car.
The car is to be delivered in the same shape as when collected.
We operate at a full tank to full tank policy which means: The rental car is returned with a full tank. If the rental car isn’t delivered with a full tank, we will charge the fee for fuel plus 250,- DKK for filling it from the deposit.

A deposit of 1.000 DKK is required in order to get a confirmation of the booking.

The deposit is paid in addition to the rental amount and not as a part of it.

The deposit will be refunded to you after the rental. The deposit gives us the possibility to subtract the fee for any additional sub-sea tunnels trips, a car returned without a full tank, parking tickets and the likes, should it be nessecary.

Pick up and return of the Hire Car
The car is to be picked up and returned to Berg Hestar, Oyggjavegur 54, 100 Tórshavn. 

In the case of late return an additional charge may incur, unless you call us beforehand to let us know that you will be delayed.

You are welcome to call us on +298 226211 to ask if it is possible for you to have the car longer than stated in the agreement.

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Volkswagen ID.3 1ST
Toyota Landcruiser