Riding tour:

Ríðitúrarnir eru fyri 7 ár og uppeftir. Tann elsti sum hevur riðið hjá Berg Hestum er 75 ár, so aldurin hevur einki at siga.

Men vektina hugsa vit um – ikki meira enn 95 kg.

Riding tour - 1½ hours

This tour is for inexperienced and experienced.

We ride from BERG-hestar stables in the outskirts of Torshavn to the valley Havnardalur. On the tour we have a great view over the the small capital.

The tour is estimated to be 1½ hour

Riding tour - 2½ hours

This tour is for riders with some experience

The ride goes from BERG-hestar to the mountains surrounding Torshavn. We take you along excellent riding paths and also along ancient mountain paths in the the beautyfull green countryside with birds and flowers.

Day trip

Day tour is for riders with experience.

On the tour riders get really tried the Icelandic horse's different gaits.

The ride rate is dependent on the weather. We ride either southward on the path to Kirkjubø overlooking Koltur, Hestur or Sandoy. Or we ride north to the village Norðadalur with views towards Eysturoy mountains to the north.

On the tour you will be served lunch and coffee or tea.
The tour starts at 10 am and we are back at 4-5 o'clock in the afternoon.


The price is

450 dkk for children (8 to 14 years)
500 dkk for adults 

The price is

550 dkk for children (10 to 14 years)
600 dkk for adults 


The price is :

950 dkk for adults and children
Min. of 5 riders and max. 10

Bílegg túrin hjá tær her

Send tín fyrispurning til okkara við at fulla út skjalið niðanfyri.
Ivast tú í, hvør túrur hóskar tær best, ert tú vælkomin at spyrja nærri :-)

2 hours
3 hours